Reliance Jio converting from new born Teleco in India to a global Telecom Guru.


India’s mobile newcomer Reliance Jio has joined a group of eight major operators that are teaming up with the likes of AirBnB and Spotify to improve the services they are able to offer their customers.

Appearing to be an effort to tap into the potential of major internet brands, the alliance claims to be a way to “efficiently and quickly bring innovative products and services” across a potential customer base of one billion in more than 80 countries.

The other partners are BT, Deutsche Telekom, Millicom, MTS, Orange, Rogers, TeliaSonera and TIM.

The nine-member alliance, an open network of operators worldwide with complementary geographical footprints, has established relationships with 30 “innovative partner businesses” including AirBnB, Celltick, Disconnect, Idoomoo, Magisto, Mojio and Spotify, the group said in a statement.

The alliance aims to exchange best practice on how to bring partner propositions to the market, to work on joint partner scouting, and to exchange knowledge about trends and services within the group.

Jio chief product and innovation officer Rainer Deutschmann said Jio is set to enable each Indian to “live a digital life and we invite the best partners to work with us to co-create a Digital India”.

Ambitious newcomer Reliance Jio is India’s only operator to hold nationwide 4G spectrum and will launch LTE services next month.


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