cloud computing




Cloud computing is internet-(“CLOUD”) based development and use of computer technology (COMPUTING).

Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet.

It is used to describe both a platform and type of application.

Anyone with a suitable internet connection and a standard browser can access a cloud application.


The underlying concept dates back to 1960 when John McCarthy opined that “computation may someday be organized as a public utility” and the term The Cloud was already in commercial use around the turn of the 21 st century. Cloud computing solutions had started to appear on the market, though most of the focus at this time was on software as a service.

2007 saw increased activity , including Google, IBM and a number of universities embarking on large scale cloud computing research project, around the time started gaining popularity in the mainstream press. It was a hot topic by mid-2008 and numerous cloud computing event has been scheduled.


The CLOUD COMPUTING is driving in two types of categories. They are as follows:

Customer perspective:

¨  In one w ord: economic

¨  Faster, simpler, cheaper to use cloud computing.

¨  No upfront capital required for servers and storage.

¨  No ongoing for operational expenses for running datacenter.

¨  Application can be run from anywhere.

Vendor perspective: 

¨  Easier for application vendors to reach new customers.

¨  Lowest cost way of delivering and supporting applications.

¨  Ability to use commodity servers and storage hardware.

¨  Ability to drop down datacenter operational costs.

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